Medical and nursing

We offer a wide range of products needled for medical and social care institutions. All our manufactured medical products, equipment covers or items are CE certified. Range of our made products can be used many times and washed, because these are from fabric sewn, also for the operation room, surgical units:

  •  surgical linen (bed sheets, covers, including a breathable and waterproof)
  •  the operating room clothing (gowns, aprons)
  •  Parts of clothing (swabs, muffs, hats)
  • Stationary: medical wear, pijamas, uniforms
  • Mattresses (polyurethane, cotton wool or Anti-bedsore, anti-decubital)
  • Pillows (cotton wool, cotton and poliester balls stuffed)
  • Covers including a waterproof and breathable
  • and variety of housings
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