Reintegracion department


As most need for a person with mental special needs we see the reintegration after  blending acute condition in hospital. Latvian inpatient treatment is carried out mainly through medication, lacking communication skills. Daily skills during a long-term inpatient treatment period is reduced or even disappear. Reintegration unit will be settled up with rooms for the daily personalized relaxation where persons with special mental needs can indulge in personal interview or relaxation alone. This unit is staffed and available are psychotherapist, psychologist, occupational therapist, or even psychiatric services - tips, interviews, tutorials, individual to find the necessary life issues, trying to develop life skills. It is very important for persons who have prolonged periods of time have not been in contact with everyday skills.They learn again - personal hygiene, food preparation, laundry, neighborhood policing and shopping skills. These are the keywords in our reintegration unit.

We expect that the implementation of this project will decrease the mental patient hospitalization cases and prolonging the time of relapse.

The project is being developed in the first round of 16 persons place in urban environment and up to 26 sites in rural area. Environmental change are interconnected, offering a diversity of situations, which also strengthens the ability of adaptation.

One person's reintegration rate average duration - 2 years.

Here are the plans we need to build to implement the Project Urban part.

Every one is welcome to support us in any kind: donations, materials, contacts or consultations.

We promise to provide you with description of materials needed and budget details soon as possible.

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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